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World Health Organization removes parental alienation from its classification index


Update of September 20, 2020: since September 2020, the withdrawal of any mention of parental alienation from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) is validated. Indeed, the official version, blue, has just been updated, and no longer makes any reference to this term, as shown in this screenshot.


Original article :

On 15 February 2020, the WHO declared that it had removed this pseudo-scientific concept from its index and classification (temporary version, orange).

The Italian members of the Facebook group PAS: informazioni e disinformazione were the first to spread the information. They spotted a comment from a WHO team, Team3 WHO, on the page of the Classification devoted to Psychological maltreatment, in response to a remark reminding that parental alienation has no scientific basis.

Team3 WHO declares:

Parental alienation has been removed from the ICD-11 classification as it is a judicial term and issue. Its inclusion for coding purposes in the ICD-11 will not contribute to valid or meaningful health statistics.


Indeed, when we search, after logging on the site, for the parental expression alienation in the Classification, or when we consult the Caregiver-child relationship problem entry, the expression no longer appears.


This information is an opportunity to review recent events.

In November 2019, William Bernet, President of the Parental Alienation Study Group, one of the most motivated promoters of parental alienation, reported in a newsletter, translated and distributed in France by ACALPA, on the positioning of the WHO’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MSAC). This Advisory Committee reminded us of what we already knew: the presence of a notion in the index of the Classification does not imply official recognition by the WHO. A definition of parental alienation, in the index entry only, has appeared in the meantime, which could have led to a future recognition of this pseudo-theory by the WHO.

On 29 October 2019, the discussions seemed to be closed and the lack of a clear position from WHO was causing confusion. Indeed, the mere presence of this notion, wherever it is in the Classification, would favour its instrumentalization by its promoters and its use by violent men in family courts, as recalled in the Collective Memo of Concern to: World Health Organization about « Parental Alienation ».

We invite any person, activist, journalist, researcher to disseminate this information and to ask those who persist in claiming that WHO has recognized parental alienation to publish a correction. We also urge legislators to be careful not to insert into the law concepts that have no scientific basis.

Le Réseau International des Mères en Lutte
International Network of Activist Mothers
Updated the September 20, 2020


10 réflexions au sujet de “World Health Organization removes parental alienation from its classification index”

  1. Very excited because this Pedophile’s (Richard Gardner) way of getting abuser’s custody needed to stop. It is used unethically in court all the time to discredit sexual abuse and other types of abuse of children and give the abusive person, mainly works for fathers who are abusive. If court systems would actually listen and stop using this, maybe it would be more than 1/52 sexual abuse cases being believed. Mind you, less than 2% of cases are false, but courts treat them as 98% false and that myth is definitely perpetuated by Father’s Rights groups that often house many abusers who exploit what the groups should have been about. Abusers prey on whoever they can and this include good, fit fathers who are trying to use Father’s Rights groups for a good thing, but they were overtaken by many abusers and con men.

    So many abusers are granted custody because of this discredited thing he made up. It also allows for a lot of toxic parents who lack insight into themselves to keep going with their behaviors and push the blame onto their ex instead of looking at themselves. Ive seen a parent crying « parent alienation » and in the same breathe state their « brat of a child ». If you are putting your child down like that in a serious note, you are probably doing a lot more to push your child away with your own behaviors. Ive seen a guy go on about his ex doing « parent alienation », but in same breathe, tell me he hopes I get raped with a broken glass bottle because I said something nicely to disagree with him. Sounds like a really healthy, fit parent to me (sarcasm).


    1. I commented on such a father’s rights group on social media with a sincere, justifiable comment and they ended up removing me from their group. Their thoughts and intentions are self centred and one sided. I honestly struggle to understand that mentality and it makes me fume! For some men it is not about the bigger picture. I made what I thought to be a very reasonable statement on this particular group, and was then attacked with name calling by supporters of that group and a troublemaker by the founder of the group. With this type of abuse, towards a person they dont know anything about, makes me wonder what their ex’s and children went through should they not have agreed with what they had to say. By using these groups as cover for their own personal benefit, I can actually understand the reason for parents being in the predicament they find themselves in. Honestly, I cringe thinking of a child being raised by such a parent that simply refuses to see, understand or to consider another person’s point of view and use these terms lightly for their own personal benefit. I also do not believe in co-parenting at all. I do believe that the father must be present in his child’s life, definitely so, BUT most mothers have this amazing thing called « mother instinct » for a reason, and I believe far more so then dad, have the absolute best interest of her babies at heart, in most cases anyway. What does the ordinary dad know about parenting? The man’s role in society has always been to provide and protect his family. The Woman’s role was to see to the children and the household. A lot has changed since the dark ages… woman had to start working and contributing in providing, because men could no longer afford to carry households by themselves. I believe men see women now as their oposition, more now then ever before and this whole feminist action of « If he can do it, so can I », has really contributed to an ego and self esteem issue with men, hence them wanting to go to the extreme to demonstrate power. I honestly think that is the root of gender based abuse and violence we are facing today. I feel that men are now trying to compete with women, by also now saying « if you can do it, I can do it too »…. we are now all fighting for equal rights and so forth… I just think everyone is forgetting one simple fact… Men can not bare babies and are not born with natural mothers instinct… mothers spend every waking moment considering their children, in every action, every decision they make, but men are not wired that way. They think about how to hunt and about their work and about women, and about themselves. Most anyway. Most of this is normal, it’s the way they are made, just as women are made to be caretakers of their babies. Go work dads, love and provide for your kids, to the best of your ability as you are their fathers, and so let the mothers tend to their children as they are the mothers and know best when it comes to their babies wellbeing. Today’s society is completely out of balance, and no one is to blame, but the sooner we adjust to the changes that are upon us, the best it will be for our children and our future generation. That’s my bit on the subject.


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